vendredi 28 octobre 2011

Friday sketch #4

Good Morning everyone and a big welcome to an another
challenge at Friday Sketch Challenge.

Don't forget! Friday Sketch Challenge will be running the challenges every fortnight which makes it extra easy to enter the challenge. From time to time we will be having a sponsor.

So without further ado here is our  sketch by Tracey

Now my card!

I used Summer Girl Digital Stamp from Spesch Stamps.

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Angela a dit…

About my ADHD post. They are going to test her but it will take forever to get it started and they will have to do a lot of test as you probably already know.
So with my experience with my son who has ADD, my nephew who has ADHD and another nephew who has ADD I see the signs very easily in children and what getting them on the right meds. has improved the way they function is school and everyday task.
I am taking her Tuesday to her doctor to try to get her started on meds. so when they do test her at school we will know for sure if this is the issue or not, which I am 99.9% sure this is what she is dealing with. I just don't want to wait and her get further behind in school and her learning. If she does have ADHD and we find the right meds. for her we will be able to tell within the first few weeks of her taking her medication. Where testing her could take a year or so.They tested my nephew who has ADD from Kindergarten till I think it was the 3rd or 4th grade before they finally sent him to a Doctor who specializes in this with children. Just to find out he had ADD all along,a nd he is doing great in school now but he struggled for avout 4 years before the school/teachers finally did something. Now you have to have a teacher sign papers before a doctor will even check or child to see if he or she has ADD or ADHD. Her teacher has finally said she would sign whatever she needs to, to get her started. I didn't have to have a written document from my son's teacher when he was diagnosed with having ADD.
I am hoping we can get her on the right track as she is bright child. Her brain just never slows down long enough to retain what she is taught.
Thanks for your comments and any more input would be greatly appreciated.